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It was a slow day for the Sarasoda police department. Until about 2:30pm a call came in from the beaches area of a couple having sex on the beach. Now at 2:30 in the afternoon it's a pretty crowded time for the beach when a girl climbs on top of her boyfriend and starts to have sex, there's a ton of adults and children everywhere. Being spotted by a 3year old not 20feet away from the couple also someone caught the act on video via iPhone.
Joseph Knecht, 35 faced his day in court July 15th 2012. The judge sentenced him to 2years in prison. Which would be nothing compared to his past when he was sentenced to 8 years from being a drug trafficker. But also he would have to register as a sex offender. Knecht`s attorney, Lisa Tidwell said "That's outrageous, way too harsh for his crime." But for the fact it was mid day, not a care in the world of or others around them. Knecht`s girlfriend, Sarah MacMinamy 29, sat behind him in the courtroom crying "It was consensual and nobody was harmed". But that's not how the district attorney and the judge felt on this case. By the number of people who saw them and a video made it quite clear there was no concern for others affected around them.

State attorney said, "We don't think that the 2years was something that helps him accountable for this crime but something that reflected his past. The sex offender registration itself will be the ultimate punishment for this crime. There is no reason in the world that this man would consent to having sex on the beach with a 3year old not 20feet away from them. Obviously no care in the world itself or for others rights." While Knecht`s attorney disagreed with the punishment he said prosecutors could have reinstated their first request of 15years if they had requested less time but Tidwell plans to appeal this sentence. On the other hand MacMinamy, who has no criminal history was sentenced to time served plus sex offender status.









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