June 28, 2015

Joseph Knecht Arrested – Scenes of the Crime

Joseph Knecht Arrested – Scenes behind the Case If you take at a glance at all local newspapers of quick glimpse in the websites promptly shows that Joseph Knecht arrested. There is no denying that Florida city police is fin cop and they are dedicated, brave. Joseph knecht was detained on May 14 2010 in […]

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June 26, 2015

Joseph Knecht’s Arresting Departure

Joseph Knecht arrested for an unintentional murder. Joseph knecht and standfold were roommates and a story that can take away breath and brings in a feeling of humanity being missing. Stanfold was out of town and was back one day in the morning and found his roommate on the floor in his apartment. Taking control […]

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June 25, 2015

Joseph Knecht

Wellington, Florida 1961. Joseph Knecht was arrested for streaking through his high school’s football game wearing nothing but his socks and clown make-up. Right after half-time, players hit the field for the 2nd half. To find Knecht as a clown streaking through the field. Knecht a 17 year old high school student has long time […]

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June 23, 2015

Joseph Knecht Detained in Florida

Prostitution has become one of the biggest lifestyles among the homeless or drug scenes for generations. From standing on a street corner to escort services advertised it has always been frowned upon. Today, police has started undercover operations that prove to be successful. Pensacola, Florida- Escambia County police put together a sting resulting in 12 […]

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