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Joseph Knecht Arrested – Scenes of the Crime

Joseph Knecht Arrested – Scenes behind the Case
If you take at a glance at all local newspapers of quick glimpse in the websites promptly shows that Joseph Knecht arrested. There is no denying that Florida city police is fin cop and they are dedicated, brave. Joseph knecht was detained on May 14 2010 in Saint Petersburg, Florida. Department of Police in Florida City taken Joseph knecht crime case to investigate. And they started to work with team, in order to detect the hidden secrets of case. Recently there has been lot of commentary on the reason for what Joseph knecht has been arrested and how he has been detained with roommates. When a person is arrested and imprisoned for more than ten to 15 years is really incites everyone to know the reason for the case he has been detained. Generally there are different types of crime for burglary one is burglary of building and other is burglary of habitation, like burglary of the place where people lives in.
Joseph knecht was detained for felony burglary offense of second division, which means that he was arrested for burglary of habitation. Law enforcement and effective crime department can successfully find out the persons indulged in burglary of habitation. Law enforcement and defensive strategies are very notorious to the accused of crime. Generally, offence for burglary is punishable from 2 years up to 20 years in imprisonment. Luckily the police investigated the crime of Joseph knecht, he is not supposed with individual crime work with team of his roommates. When knetch moved to the local gas station near his house and suddenly he jumped in to the man’s car and everyone tries to ring up. As a matter of fact, here the police officer pulled up beside them, while he tries to flee the driver stumbled and unfortunately knecht was tackled by the deputy’s vehicle.
Reasons for knecht has been arrested1408033651003-knecht-joe
Knecht has been detained for more than 15 years approximately twenty years because of his most recent offence made him to arrest by the police department of Florida. If you don’t know why Joseph knetch arrested, then start searching online to find loads of information and overall talk about his offence. The illegal substances stored in knecht room has been detected by crime investigation department and along with that they found some other uses of illegal weapons such as shot gun, AK- 47, and furthermore they detained main reason for having more than 40 grams of cocaine is found in the small pouch.
In addition to that 16 crack rocks also found with a glass pipe. After that police completely raid the home with all his property. Joseph knecht roommates were also been found of using 3 – 9mm guns, and some other restricted riffles are caught. After searching thoroughly knecht room, they made success for this case; Joseph knecht becomes more familiar and becomes hot news in all stories of paper and web. The crime department had suspects that Joseph knecht has been imprisoned for the criminal record he made. If you think to read more about the Joseph knecht offence then make your search online to more and understand the hidden secrets of this case.

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Joseph Knecht’s Arresting Departure

Joseph Knecht arrested for an unintentional murder. Joseph knecht and standfold were roommates and a story that can take away breath and brings in a feeling of humanity being missing. Stanfold was out of town and was back one day in the morning and found his roommate on the floor in his apartment. Taking control over the situation, Stanfold ran to his roommate and tried to wake him up just a little shaken upon thinking that he might be dead or something. Once he was trying to wake Knecht, thankfully he woke up and suddenly Stanfold remembered about his drug dealings and ran towards his safe to check for his belongings. He was shocked to find that his money was there but all the drugs that were kept inside his safe were missing. He didn’t know what to do as they were worth huge value of money. Shockingly he started questioning his friend Knecht who was there at home and Knecht tried to say that there was a robbery that happened and it was the reason why he was on the ground. joseph.knecht.arrest
Stanfold was quite sure that it is Knecht who had taken away the drugs from him and it was almost confirmed that it was Knecht the culprit behind the scene. Once this was almost confirmed enormous argument between Knecht and Stanfold took place and it paved way to a big fight. Once the fight started tightening and there was no other go to stop the anger upon each other, Joseph Knecht took a heavy thing that came to his hand which was lying nearby and gave a bang on Stanfold. It didn’t take much of time to see blood pouring out of Stanfold’s head and he fell down dead. Soon Knecht came to his senses and realized that he has already lost his friend though that was not his intention.


Unintentional murder took place without even realizing it. Without delay he took Stanfold’s body and dumped it into the bathtub inside the bathroom.
Days passed and the stinking smell of the human body started spreading around the apartment and neighbors started complaining about the smell. Once Joseph Knecht felt that it is not safe anymore to move around with a dead body lying in his bathroom, he decided to dispose the dead body somewhere far from his residence. After he had decided over disposing it, he had to plan over carrying the dead body from his home.
He decided to dismantle the whole body into pieces and packed it in plastic bags as if carrying garbage. He dumped this lot of garbage into his car and tried to drive down to a place to hide it somewhere. His bad luck or to call it his so called friend’s curse invited police attention to the car and this leaded in getting Joseph Knecht arrested for attempting a murder of his friend for a simple reason of fight towards drug robbery. Friendship of Knecht made Stanfold pay away both his drugs and his life.

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Joseph Knecht

Wellington, Florida 1961. Joseph Knecht was arrested for streaking through his high school's football game wearing nothing but his socks and clown make-up. Right after half-time, players hit the field for the 2nd half. To find Knecht as a clown streaking through the field.
Knecht a 17 year old high school student has long time been a fan of his schools football team. Truth or dare played in the hallways. He claims it was all on a dare and not something to distract the other team but all ending well for the home team. Knecht`s high school winning the game 21-18. Guess he helped them but for himself landed him a night in juvenile detention.
In 2014, arrested again to serve real time. He was caught in an internet chat room talking to a 13 year old girl. Some pretty interesting conversations these 2 had during their 4 month chat. His precious princess he would often call her. He fell in love with her and they finally met. He went to meet his precious. So excited he made his way there and finally set eyes on her and talk to her in person when her father walks out and greets Knecht. He suddenly realized this was a sting operation by the police to catch pedophiles. Although Knecht didn't think he had done anything wrong he owned up to what he did and ultimately was more upset that his precious little princess wasn't real at all. Knecht is serving 7 years time in a federal penitentiary in southern Georgia and is now a registered sex offender.

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Joseph Knecht Detained in Florida

joseph knecht arrested

Prostitution has become one of the biggest lifestyles among the homeless or drug scenes for generations. From standing on a street corner to escort services advertised it has always been frowned upon. Today, police has started undercover operations that prove to be successful.

Pensacola, Florida- Escambia County police put together a sting resulting in 12 arrests. Among the few, police began to see a pattern that lead them to local escort service ran by a man named Joseph Knecht age 22 who on occasion would solicit himself. He offered to help in the investigation so he could get a lesser charge. Along with his arrest he helped with the arrest of 16 more prostitutes resulting in 29 in total. A big win for Escambia County police officers on cleaning up the streets. Not do much for Mr.Knecht he was found to be linked to a double homicide in the Pensacola Beaches area. He will be now facing the rest of his life in prison

The double homicide he was linked to in the beaches area December 4th 2013 resulted in the death of 2 local junkies Mary Jane Watson and Toby McCall. A neighbor heard a struggle coming from their loft apartment late that night. Neighbors heard the 2 argue a lot so they didn't think much of it. Morning came and the wife of the neighbor walked over to make sure everyone was okay and nobody answered the door and she quickly called the police. On police arrival they found the door was unlocked and discovered a gruesome murder scene. Ms. Watson was found with ligature marks around her neck, with her hands and ankles still bound behind her. Mr. McCall with 4 wounds from a stabbing and he had bled out. The case had gone cold with no other evidence for police to go on. Joseph Knecht was caught by his finger printing when he was booked into the Escambia County police department. After his latest arrest.

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